• Custom AI is not allowed. AI gets customized to a level where most of game functions are performed by computer rather than player. It is used to farm excessive ammounts of materials in order to gain unfair disadvantage over other people who use less capable AI or do not use any AI at all. Here everyone enjoys same benefits of official AI provided by server (which is default AI + AutoKeep feature).
  • Botting is not allowed. AFK-ing is not considered botting. AFK-ing while using custom AI and/or clickers, macro applications and so on is considered botting.
  • Game automation using various macro/auto clicker applications is not allowed.
  • Multi-clienting is not allowed.
  • Exploitation of bugs is strictly (and obviously) forbidden. Every cheater is found sooner or later, and then banned. You may want to consider reporting a bug and receiving reward instead.
  • Hiding someone’s crimes makes you accomplice - thus liable for punishment.
  • No refunds. If you acquired asset - you get to keep it. This is MMORPG, not a single player game where you could save/load game progress.
  • No selling of in-game assets for real money. Doing so grants you permanent ban.
  • No trading of in-game assets for assets on other servers. Doing so grants you permanent ban.
  • Account sharing is forbidden. Often people trust wrong people and get their accounts robbed of items.
  • Improving item always bears risk of breaking it. Even if it says 100% success chance it is actually 99%. Things still can break sometimes but only if you are very unlucky. Broken items are not given back. Not ever, not to anyone.
  • No offensive family or character names.

New as of 2020-12-27:

  • Farming Clique Battle points using alt accounts is absolutely forbidden.

Note: If something is not listed here but is obviously wrong thing to do - you will be punished for doing it. Rationalizing that “it was not in the rules” will not help.